Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flames or Avalanche?

I've been wavering back and forth with whether or not the Calgary Flames will make the post season. Two nights ago I tweeted that they will not. The observation was made after watching their game in Chicago Sunday against the Blackhawks. The Flames were dominated for pretty much all of the game and did not seem to be playing with any sense of urgency. Jerome Iginla was a minus two with only one shot on net and Mikka Kipprusoff let in some questionable goals most notably the snipe by Patrick Kane from the perimeter.

Its simple, if the Flames lose at home against the Sharks and the Avalanche win in regulation on the road against the Canucks then its game over for Calgary. Both teams are in action tonight. The recent faltering Avalanche are coming off an OT victory against the Sharks but have lost the red hot Peter Mueller to a concussion. The Avs are a young group of kids with a clearly exhausted goaltender in Craig Anderson. Anderson has never played more than 31 games in the NHL in a single season and is now at 69 games. 2 things the Avs have going for them right now are:

1. They hold the 8th seed and are in control of their own fate.
2. They have a game in hand against the Flames.

It is these two reason that I think the Avs will make the cut and send the Flames packing. We'll see how 'Super Tuesday' plays out!

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  1. how will the sharks play in the playoffs??? blog on!