Saturday, May 29, 2010

It Is Time

The Flyers and Blackhawks will get underway in within one hour to battle for the Stanley Cup. The Blackhawks were predicted by many to make it to the finals but the Flyers have emerged from the #7 seed to overcome predictions and probabilities.

This will be a true test of character for both teams having young forwards and "inexperienced" goaltenders.  The Blackhawks will rely on their speed in transition along with their skill players to set the tone. The Flyers will need to remain consistent with their tenacity - attacking the opposition to create their scoring opportunities.

I'm going to go against the grain and predict a Flyers victory in 7 games. I believe in this team. Disposing of the Devils in round 1 and defying the impossible with a comeback for the ages against the Bruins in round 2, the Flyers do not possess the word "quite" in their vocabularies. Their series win over Montreal along with the adversity faced throughout all of the postseason, is convincing enough for me to believe they have what it takes to win. The task will not be easy, by any means, as the Blackhawks certainly have the components to prove me wrong.

Now, let the puck drop and watch as history is made.

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