Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quick Thoughts on the East

I was talking to a friend about the Pens and the Eastern Conference today. Here is a quick blurb on the way I see things as they stand now:

Boston and Philly are the beasts in the east. Montreal isn't big enough to go deep especially if they go 7 games in round 1 but have potenial to upset like last season. Washington is garbage. I'm done thinking that they are just having trouble executing new systems -I think its more on coaching. Atlanta, Carolina, TO, and Buffalo all have a chance to finish in the bottom two seeds but will most likely get smoked in round 1. TB is sitting pretty, they weren't supposed to be as good as they are right now but with Stevie Y at the helm, Boucher selling his ways to his team, and talent like Stammer et al they're kind of a sexy pic if Roli can stay healthy and consistent.
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