Sunday, November 14, 2010

Avery Sucks

Sean Avery is a joke (nice tie buddy). Seriously. There probably isn't a bigger ass-clown in the game today. Here you see Latislav Smid trying to get Avery to drop the mitts and it looks like he wants no part in it - until Smid starts to back away...

Does this guy have any friends? Washington Capitals' coach Bruce Boudreau couldn't even stand coaching him, as described in his book 'Gabby'. Avery should dance with a true competitor and tough guy like John Erskine did today when Eric Boulton started unloading bombs on him:

One more thing I wanted to point out from today's NHL games was this shorthanded goal scored by the Atlanta Thrashers:

Aside from Ovechkin being able to avoid the scoring opportunity entirely by just curling towards the boards instead of the middle of the ice, why doesn't he just play the puck back towards the zone? I hate seeing some of the game's best players struggle to make the 'easy play' and it usually results in a goal against. The Caps were on the powerplay and when Little commits pressure to the puck-carrier, Ovi has to know that the situation now becomes a 4 on 3 - absent of Ladd forechecking - if he plays the puck to a teammate.

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