Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 NHL All-Star Game Thoughts and Musings

The following are some notes I took while watching the ASG last night. I'm so happy god created DVR's:

Should just be renamed: World’s Greatest Game of Drop-in

Positionally, Ovechkin didn't play too differently than he does in a regular season game. Worriesome.

Kane’s sauce pass on Byfuglien’s first period goal was filthy.

I’d be surprised if Ed Olczyk can walk and chew gum at the same time. I’m sure he has some very entertaining stories from his playing days though.

Every time Doc Emrick couldn’t tell which player had the puck, he just called said player, “Toews”.

To say the players overpass is an understatement, but most of the passes are, down right, sick.

The Ron Francis interview during the second period was great because a) Ron “The Franchise” is awesome and b) because Doc Emrick barely spoke for about 10 minutes.

A lot of shots off the post. Hot.

Kesler’s microphone coming loose then flopping around behind him during play then Ovi passing it out of the zone once it fell to the ice was painful yet hilarious to watch.

Crowd cheered loudest when Staal scored in the third – to be expected.

Love it that Ovi threw his stick at Matt Duchene while he was on a breakaway – the first ever in All-Star Game in history.

I love Charissa Thompson.

I don’t remember if Nash-Staal-Perry were used on a line in the Olympics but that’s one scary line.

Prior to Dan Boyle’s assist very late in the 3rd, I had forgotten he was even in the game.

Glad it was a close game and happy to see Patrick Sharp win MVP.

Now that the show is over, teams now realize that there are 28 days until the trade deadline and every point counts going down the stretch.
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