Monday, January 24, 2011

Evgeni Manning

I'm sorry - not actually sorry - but Evgeni Nabokov needs to suck it up, act like a professional, and report to the Islanders. Instead he's acting like Eli Manning did when the San Diego Chargers drafted him and he refused to sign.

Nabby, this is the process. You signed a deal worth "peanuts" knowing full well that this was a possibility, and now you act like a diva refusing to report. Reportedly, his agent sent out a letter to NHL teams that Nabokov wanted the opportunity to be a starter, the Islanders are giving him that and now he's saying he wants to help a team in the playoffs. I totally get his desire to compete for a cup but he hasn't done anything worthy this season to earn that opportunity, and it's not like he's Scott Niedermayer where the Ducks allowed him to basically take half the year off the season after winning the Cup.

Report, play your ass off, then go sign as a free agent next year.
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